We love delicious food & homemade ice cream as much as you do. That’s what we’ve been serving our Georgetown/Wilton, CT community since 1931. Welcome to Heibeck’s!

The History

The History of Heibeck’s began when George and Katherine Dlhy (pronounced Delhee) Heibeck moved to Georgetown in 1931. Katherine (known as Dodo by many) cooked in her own kitchen and served home cooked lunches in the two front rooms of the main building. She made her own pastries, pies, and cakes. The office employees at the Gilbert and Bennett Wire Mill were regular customers. As soon as they moved to Georgetown, they started improvements to the property, adding redwood log siding and a porch to the main building, and started building Heibeck’s Stand, which was originally located about forty feet from the main building and then later moved and attached to the main building where it is today.
When the stand was finished in late 1931, Dodo and her daughter Helen served sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, Riders ice cream, Pepsi-Cola, and Coca-Cola. The Coca-Cola Company furnished the original signs. Hot dogs and hamburgers were originally grilled on a grate that was placed over a porcelain tub filled with charcoal. Bottled Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola were delivered regularly and kept cold in ice filled coolers. At that time, the stand was used only in the warm weather, with blinds and no glass windows.

The ice cream cone was erected shortly after World War II when Helen decided to start making her own ice cream. At the height of her  ice cream making, she rotated up to 100 homemade flavors, offering 17 at any one time. Her ice cream was known for its premium quality and for its inclusions. Oreo Cookie and Peanut Butter Cup were a couple of favorites. The ice cream became the mainstay of the business, but she continued to sell hot dogs and hamburgers.

Opening hours

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Kitchen closes at 7:30

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